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Of course, buying used tires makes a lot of sense in today’s economy and also in view of our deteriorating environment; most people are making a conscious effort to be more environment friendly and hence the choice to buy used tires; apart from this they are gaining in financial terms as well by this choice.

So, you have decided to go green and be a part of the ‘Save our planet’ campaign, that’s creditable and surely the need of the hour. Go ahead and opt for buying used tires instead of going in for the more expensive new tires but there are a few precautions you have to take before you get into this to safeguard your vehicle and yourself too.

Here are some of the precautions to take while buying used tires

You have to always keep in mind that part worn tires are second hand tires that have been used on another vehicle and they can never be as good as new.

These tires most times have almost 50% less grip than the normal new tires. These tires would have done quite some kilometers, thousands of them, before they reached the used tire dealer.

Though most of the used tires are still perfectly road worthy so much depends on who has been driving the vehicle; with a rash and careless driver the tires surely bear the brunt and wear out unevenly, so it is quite necessary to get to know some details in this regard. Any bumps or collisions that the vehicle had could have damaged the tires and they could be irreparable now, so be cautious when buying them.

Drives must be more aware of the risks involved when the tread of the used tire is not at its legal limit. Check on this area making sure it is still safe to use them on your vehicle.

Once you have made your decision of purchasing part worn tires you must remember to ask for a demo and get them inflated before fitting them on to your car. Ensure there are no bumps or bulges on the tires. Premature aging is another damper on buying used tires, if at all you observe any signs of such aging, keep away from wasting your money on them.

And though you would be saving a lot of money by purchasing used tires, you should also look at the legal issues involved while opting for used tires.

Legal issues in respect of part worn tires

Used or part worn tires are sold world over legally but you should ensure that the following characteristics are not there in them before you purchase.

  1. There should be no cuts longer that 25 millimeters on the surface of the tire
  2. No cord or ply is vulnerable on either side of the tire
  3. No appearance of swollen bubbles or rubber, tears or bumps on the tire
  4. No irreparable damage to the tire

Other official markings to be displayed on the used tires

  1. Speed and load ratings to be displayed
  2. ‘PART WORN’ must be displayed on the tire

Bear these in mind while purchasing used tires and you will not regret your choice.

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