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No, no, no, you just cannot dump your used car tires into landfill sites anymore; in most countries there are stringent laws in place to ensure this does not happen. This sort of reckless dumping is first of all a resource wasted and could be responsible for a fire hazard and above everything else it is a big threat to our environment.

So what does one do with these old tires?

Finding a solution for this problem is definitely the need of the hour; yes, recycling used tires is found to be one of the workable solutions that not only protects our precious environment from further harm but is also very beneficial to the buyers in terms of financial savings. Today most economies across the globe are really very dismal and encouraging people to be more conservative in their spending, and one such area where people contribute is opting for used tires instead of the more expensive new ones.

Actually a better way to avoid buying your next set of tires, new or old would be to use your existing tires judiciously and doing everything possible to extend their life and thus reducing the number of tires disposed of every year.

Now how does one extend the life of their tires?

  • Drive at sensible speeds to protect and extend the life of your tires
  • Avoid rash driving, unnecessary acceleration and sudden braking
  • Drive with extra caution on bad and bumpy roads
  • Always fill the tires with the prescribed air pressure

Have your tires retreaded before they have worn out too much and beyond repair, it is environmentally friendly and cheaper than buying tires again

Some of the environment friendly uses of part worn tires

The number of tires that are getting worn out is increasing tremendously keeping in tune with the increasing number of vehicles on the road these days. Tire disposal is viewed as a major threat to our environment and we as responsible citizens of the globe have to do all that is possible to stop this trend.

Tires that are not much worn out and have much life in them to ply for at least 15000 – 30000 miles can be sold as part worn tires; this market is picking up very fast and more people are purchasing these tires for two reasons, save money, save our planet earth!

Tires can be reprocessed by being grinded or shredded into crumbs and used for surfacing sports areas, soles for shoes, underlay for carpets, or road construction.

Can be used to fuel cement kilns provided they could adhere to the stringent air emission limits applicable.

Numerous other purposes too can be served with the used tires such as noise insulation, protection for trees and shrubs, motorway embankments, crash barriers at racing tracks, and so many others.

Yes, you can buy used tires, but be smart and exercise caution before purchasing and you will surely feel happy and definitely proud that you too have done your bit and have contributed to a greener environment!

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