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RNR offers you the ability to purchase the wheels and tires you want at the lowest cash prices.

Or you can use our “No Credit Hassle” RENT-N-ROLL program and get the wheels or tires you need while making easy, low weekly payments.​

Though having new tires for your vehicles gives you great happiness, opting for the used tires gives you greater satisfaction that your small deed has helped save our environment even if it is miniscule in magnitude compared to the vastness of the issue.

Main benefits derived out of preferring used tires to new ones

Monetary benefit is one that drives most vehicle owners across the globe to prefer used tires to new ones; with global economy still at an alarming low all of us have to be more conscious of our spending and should try to save wherever possible.

The other great benefit derived out of this decision is the environment more than you; but helping save our planet gives us too a great sense of belonging and a great pride that you too are a part of the global green revolution. Our precious mother earth would surely smile witnessing your deed!

Reusing old tires is surely more beneficial than getting them recycled; recycling is a very energy intensive process and will cost much more in financial terms and much dearer to our planet’s environment.

Best places to look for used tires that are still in great condition yet affordable

Locate the right source and scrutinize well and you are sure to find some really good used tires at cheap rates. Here are some of the trusted sources to find such tires:

Custom wheel shops

They are the best places for finding old tires that are in excellent condition. People driving fancy cars and some others who are crazy about their cars often change the tires much before it is time to do so. You can hardly see any wear and tear on them and such tires are surely found at the custom wheel shops.


This is another place where you can find good used tires and you get them real cheap too. Most of the wrecked cars are left here and some of them come with tires that are still good and can be re-used. You can call the junkyard and enquire of the availability of the specific tires you need or visit the place and rummage till you find what you are looking for.

Auto flea markets and swap meets

Here too you can find cheap but good used tires. Very quickly you can find them and many other items too that you might need for your car. And remember this is a place that expects customers to bargain, so go for it and try for the best price!

Fix-your-tires-cheap shop

This is one place where you can find used tires at cheapest rates ever possible. These tires mostly come with a 30-day guarantee and are the best option when you have blown a tire and need an immediate replacement for just a short gap till your tire is set right.

Whatever source you choose, make sure you check the used tires thoroughly and confirm that they are definitely still in good condition and you are getting your money’s worth. All it needs is a little time to scout for good used tires and a little patience to check on them properly.

No credit check is needed and it is easy to get started

What is Rent-N-Roll?

RENT-N-ROLL is a no credit hassle, easy payment program that lets you pay for the products you need in affordable weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments.

How Do I Get Started?

Visit the location closest to you and bring the following: valid drivers license, current pay stubs, utility bill, vehicle registration and social security card.

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We proudly support our military and their families and respect the sacrifices they all make to ensure our freedom. We do offer a military discount.

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