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Precautions to be taken while buying used tires for your vehicle

Buying second hand tires commonly known as used tires is not a new concept now though it is becoming more frequent these days. The very purpose of buying used tires is to save your money but if you are gullible and land up buying tires that are not safe or with not much life left in them, you feel cheated.

To avoid this, whether you are buying from an online store/auction or a local dealer, you will have to exercise some precautions, which are mentioned below:

  1. Type and size of the tires: tire sizing is pretty confusing so it cannot be assumed, you will have to actually verify from the manual or the door panel and note it down. The sidewall height and the rim size are also to be noted.
  2. Rubber cracking: While buying used tires check for any signs of perish or cracks on the sidewall and tread rubber. It is ok if there are very fine surface perish lines.
  3. Repaired tires: Find out if the tires had undergone any repair work, if so, you will have to ensure that there are no problems with moisture and air seepage into the casing of the tire.
  4. Uneven wear: Sometimes tires wear out unevenly due to improper alignment or suspension problems of the vehicle. Though they may still be good for driving it is advised to buy tires with even tread wear and also make sure there is no scalloping of the tread.
  5. Type of tire: Make sure you are purchasing the exact type of tires you need for your vehicle; it may not be easy to identify seeing the photos hence necessary to enquire before paying money.
  6. Age of the tire: This is another important aspect that you will have to look into before buying; any tire that is more than 6 years old should be avoided since they could cause a blow out.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you want to before purchasing the used tires to make sure this is what you are looking at for a safe driving experience, if not you might end up buying junk tires and waste your hard earned money.

Why would anyone give away tires that are still good?

Yes, lots of people are under the misconception that used tires are those that landed in the dealers shop instead of being dumped in the junkyard, but this is not true. A lot of times tires that still have a lot of life in them find their way into the dealers shops and are good to be used again.

Those who have fancy cars and are passionate about them would like to keep them looking fresh out of the show room and change the tires pretty often much before they need to be replaced and those can surely be sold as used tires.

The same holds good for people who are celebrities and public figures who wish everything about them to be impeccable and brand new including their cars and the car tires.

And there are quite a few instances when tires from totally wrecked vehicles are salvaged and are still in really good condition and are of great quality; you can get them at bargain prices so why not?

If you really know what to look for you are sure to find some really high quality used tires at great bargain prices and save lots of dollars!

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