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All about used tires

If you are looking to buy used tires you will be doing the environment a lot of good and saving it from further deterioration. Previously old tires would eventually get into landfills and this used to cause a lot of environmental hazards. Tires do not decompose quickly so most times they would be burned to dispose them. But this causes more harm and holds potential hazards for both people and the environment.

When do you have to change the tires?

Most times we can recognize when the tires need to be replaced but if the wear and tear is not visible on the outside you can approach reputed tire dealers who would surely advice you if it is indeed time to change them.

Even the personnel in a tire dealership would recommend a change of tires if it is really needed.

Replacing with used tires

Buying used tires is actually not a bad idea at all provided they still have life and will hold good at least for a couple of years. This not only helps you save a lot of money but you will also be saving our environment from getting polluted further.

Finding quality used tires that are good to be re-used

Online auctions and advertisements are a good place to start with where used tires can be found that have a good many years of service left. Most of such tires are put up for sale by people who are passionate about their cars and wish to have brand new tires most of the time. The tires such people put up for sale would have been moderately used and perfect for buying. They come for bargain prices and you could really save quite a bit by buying here.

There are quite a good number of dealers engaged in selling used tires and with a little homework you will be able to locate a reliable and a reputed dealer for purchasing good quality used tires.

Evaluating used tires

Out of the huge number of used tires that are put up for sale it is quite difficult to distinguish which ones are good and which ones are not. Good used tires are those that work perfectly on the road in any condition and provide safe driving. They should work perfectly when you are breaking, turning or skidding, if not they cannot be considered safe.

First and foremost you have to pay attention to the tire tread; if too small the tire is not safe. The height of the tread should be more than 10 millimeters or 0.4 of an inch. Uneven tread is also not recommended, keep away from such tires.

Previously repaired tires are to be looked at with caution; repairs at an unsafe zone make the tire vulnerable to dangers on the road. Punctures too at unsafe zones such as sidewall, edge of the tire or even close to the top border are dangerous and such tires may blow up when the vehicle is on high speed.

Deep cracks on the used tire are not good it is better to avoid buying such tires.

If you exercise caution while purchasing used tires you could get really good ones that can serve you for quite some time.

No credit check is needed and it is easy to get started

What is Rent-N-Roll?

RENT-N-ROLL is a no credit hassle, easy payment program that lets you pay for the products you need in affordable weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments.

How Do I Get Started?

Visit the location closest to you and bring the following: valid drivers license, current pay stubs, utility bill, vehicle registration and social security card.

Military Discounts

We proudly support our military and their families and respect the sacrifices they all make to ensure our freedom. We do offer a military discount.

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